Why we built Bonc and the process of problem solving

By Denise Wambuma, November 26th, 2020

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It’s 2020 and suddenly, your physical shop and word of mouth just isn’t enough to market your business anymore. You need to get an online presence fast but you don’t know how or where to start. Do you post pictures of your products every day? Should you tag your suppliers? Who do you even follow? How do you get a following? These are probably questions you’ve asked yourself at some point when thinking of moving your business online in a bid to increase your profits. We know because social media has taken over pretty much everything in the online business world. Bonc was created to cater to people like you. Businesses that would like to have an online presence. One with a schedule convenient for them, not requiring frequent logging in and out and on one platform nonetheless.

An online assistant is exactly what a busy business person needs. Especially one who is not keen on spending too much time online. Among the many other features Bonc offers, the ones that standout for anyone new to social media for business are the schedule, analytics, campaign, concepts and toolbox features. The app also allows one to work with fellow team members on different accounts creating content suitable for your page.

The schedule feature is every busy person’s dream. Choose the images or videos you would like to post on your accounts, write a caption or choose one from Bonc’s selection, then lastly decide when it will appear on your social media and let Bonc do the rest for you. The campaign feature is quite similar to the except this one schedules a number of related posts across your social media platforms over a period of time. The time period and number of posts depends entirely on you and the campaign period. The analytics feature allows you to see how your posts have been performing. You can see engagement, determine possible posting times based on the engagement and understand how your audience receives your content.

Content creation starts from idea generation. Sometimes you have several ideas for your final product but struggle to fit them all into a post or even forget some by the end of the creation process. That’s why Bonc included concepts. You can save as many potential photos or videos for you to have a look at later on before posting. This feature works perfectly when collaborating on a project with team members and need feedback. Everyone can view and add in their concepts in order to get the final product. Lastly, the toolbox. This tool is probably the most important feature Bonc has. You can create a cohesive look for your brand from logos to email headers and Facebook covers all in one place.

While all these features are work beautifully for our clients, Bonc also has the Bonc shop which offers online support to those who may be in need of it. The shop offers customized support in areas where one may be green such as account creation, logos and content creation in general. All this by people who understand the digital marketing ropes your business needs to get to the next level. Bonc ensures that even when you’re not sure what to do exactly regarding your online presence there will always be a chance for you to get help in one way or another.


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Save time on maintaining your social media and increase your exposure with Bonc.

The idea behind Bonc is not new, there are a few other notable competitors who do what we do but our advantage is that we offer a much cheaper service for the same or probably even better quality to our customers. Our focus is on small business and entrepreneurs who would probably not be able to afford the premium costs associated with this service. That being said, the app is constantly being reviewed and updated to better suit the needs of our customers and their businesses.

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Denise Wambuma

Bonc Consultant

Denise Wambuma is a curious young professional with a degree in International Business Administration. She enjoys baking, lifestyle content, and sharing her creative work.

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