When are you an entrepreneur?

By Elsa Schaddelee, October 15, 2020


A while ago I spoke to one of my customers. He told me: "I am just not sure, if I am an entrepreneur". We talked about what  entrepreneurship is meaning to her and the final conclusion was that she might actually be much more of an entrepreneur than she thought to be.

I know there are more people wo face the same question. Entrepreneurship can sometimes be really  "vague" and this may lead to a thought were people wonder whether they have what it takes to be an good entrepreneur. So I would like to talk some more about that question. And I hope it will guide you in your search.

When are you actually an entrepreneur?

When I search the word, Google says: "An entrepreneur is anyone who conducts economic activities for profit, using equity capital."

In theory this is correct. As an entrepreneur, you do not (only) do what you do for fun, you ultimately do it to earn enough money to make ends meet and to save. (Because in paid employment you wouldn't do your thing if you didn't get a salary, right?;))


Or is there more?

I want to take it a little further, still. Because yes, this is what you do, but I think that being an entrepreneur is mainly in who you are. When I think about an entrepreneur (I talk in the feminine form by the way, but this is just as true for a man), I would describe her like this:

An entrepreneur is someone with an enormous drive to "do anything". She likes adventure and taking some risk. She sees possibilities and opportunities and is not afraid to take the plunge, as long as she knows what the reason why she is doing it. An entrepreneur is (or gradually becomes) crazy about self-reflection and personal development. She is happy and grateful for where she is now, and at the same time strives to get better. She is not afraid to ask people to help her further. Because she knows that not only she, but also her company and therefore her customers will benefit from it. Because; “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

An entrepreneur is someone who dares to stand up if she has fallen & is not afraid to fight for what she stands for. An entrepreneur is a woman (or man) who gradually learns that it is really okay not to know everything and to sometimes fail. Why? Because when you raise up, you are on the move and you can learn the most valuable things at those moments. As long as you get up to your feet again and clean up what you've left behind.

An entrepreneur is someone who often thinks much further than just her own interests. An entrepreneur is someone who puts her customers first because they are the people she is working for.  They help her to achieve her dreams.

An entrepreneur has the courage to step outside the "box" and sometimes, against the better judgment of those around her, follows her heart. Because at these moment she knows: this is something I have to do. However the adventure wil end.

An entrepreneur is really a woman with the balls to do what many people only dream of. But above all: she has a warm heart for herself and others.


Do you recognize yourself in this?

In my opinion, it is not about that final destination or achieving certain goals, but really about who you are and what mentality you have.

Do you recognize yourself in this blog? Or do you have a nice addition or some questions? Let Elsa know and send her an email at hello@elsaschaddelee.nl


Elsa Schaddelee

I believe that we are not called for a mediocre life, but for a life in all fullness, in all aspects of life, because Jesus went on the cross for you and me. I also believe that God asks us to be good stewards over what He gives us. As a Christian entrepreneurial coach, I want to help you make strategic choices to grow your business from a vision for your life and business.


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