What is Bonc?

By Akshay Tailor, November 15th, 2020


Managing social media and focusing on your business is never easy to balance at the same time.

You always ask yourself, “how do people manage to post so many things and how did they get the time to think about what they are going to post all the time? “

The answer lies in these three aspects:

1. Platform management- Controlling multiple social media platforms.

2. Content creation and management-Quality of design and attracting people to your content.

3. Analytics- understanding information to make improvements on postings.

To cover these aspects, there are specific tools required. That's where Bonc comes in.

What is Bonc?

Bonc is a social media assistant that provides tools and features necessary for any social media manager.

As a user, you are able to control your social media accounts and pages. Create content and add team members to your account, This eases team collaboration. Keep track of your statistics while you are posting on all social media platforms at once.

There are packages suitable for all types of businesses for every entrepreneur. The prices vary according to the features and sizes of the features.

There is a 14 day trial period available when you sign up with Bonc. This gives you access to learn about the tools without having to pay.

The starter package at €10 can be used by entrepreneurs in a team of 2 members that can control 1 brand on an account.

The premium package at €20 can be used by a small team of 10 members who can control 3 brands.

The platinum package at €49 can be used by a big business with a team of 30 members controlling 6 brands.

Finally, the unlimited package that can be used by a large corporation with unlimited number of members and control unlimited number of brands. For this package, you can contact Bonc for the prices.


Give your social media marketing a boost!

Save time on maintaining your social media and increase your exposure with Bonc.

The tools Bonc provides


Creating the best design gets the most attention. To create content that attracts followers to interact with your page, it is more than certain you need the right tools.

Canvas is a graphic design platform that allows users to create high-quality posters, videos, presentations and any other visual content you need

The best part, it is integrated in the Bonc platform.

You can easily access Canva in Bonc. Select or create your content and post on all your social media platforms at the same time.

Social media scheduling

Your followers are active more at certain times. Making a post on Facebook at a time when your followers are offline is like making a shot with your eyes shut. All your posts may go on red and all your work unrecognized.

The optimal solution to this is timing your posts suitably. Pick the best times to make each post and schedule them on the desired social media platform.

With Bonc, you can do this with 5 simple steps:-

1. Write your post.

2. Choose your photo or video.

3. Select your channels.

4. Click on schedule.

5. Click on approve.

You can then view all your scheduled posts by clicking on “Schedule”. You will see all the details such as time, date and platforms to be posted on which you have scheduled.

Social media analytics

A question you often ask is “ How do I know what to post?“  All the answers are easily noticed in the statistics when observed closely.

You will be able to access data about the performance of your posts by clicking on the “Analytics” section on the Bonc platform. View the performance by impressions, actions taken and engagement rates on each social media platform.

Quickly make comparisons and understand how you can improve your postings.

Work in teams

It can often be difficult to work on the same project in a team. But there is a solution for that with Bonc. The whole team can be working on the same project on the same platform at the same time.

Adding team members to one account makes the Bonc platform an easy workspace to collaborate.

The Bonc chat, your personal assistant

If you are having any trouble navigating through the platform, you can easily tell the Bonc team by chatting.

On the lower right side of your screen, there is an icon with which you can get your queries through to the Bonc team. This makes it very easy for you to communicate in an occurrence of an issue or solution.

Create a campaign

Recurring posts get the attention of followers. Posting the same post on Facebook on different days of the week gets people interested to know what the poster is about.

The campaign feature provide you with an automated schedule to make sure your content is posted at the right times on the right social media  pages.

For example, if you want a poster to be posted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn several times for one month, start by selecting what you are complaining about. This can be a product, service, charity, event or awareness.

You can then choose the intensity of the posts. The options of intensity include:

1. Average, which does 11 posts per week.

2. Light, which does 7 posts a week. 

3. The full power, which does more than 16 posts per week.

Next, choose who you want to reach out to, consumers or businesses. Select the duration you want the campaign to last, 1 month in our case.

This Bonc campaigning feature will consider all the inputs and give you a schedule for 1 month of posting. Click on confirm at let Bonc do the rest of the posting.


Bonc payments are easy to make using Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, G-Pay, iDeal and the latest addition M-pesa.

Bonc at a glance

That is a glance of what Bonc is and how the tools are provided to make sure your social media is always managed well.

Visit Bonc by going to bonconline.com and learn more about how you can boost your visibility online.

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Akshay Tailor

Bonc Consultant

Hey there! My name is Akshay Tailor. I am the senior content developer at
Bonc International. I am also a blogger, photographer and influencer in Kenya. I work with creative teams to brand businesses on social media.

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