The mistake many entrepreneurs make when thinking about social media

By Jacco van Delden, October 8, 2020

By Jacco van Delden, September 26, 2020


Sometimes you hear entrepreneurs say: "my website or Facebook page, that's my business card". What they mean by that is that these channels are the first part where people get to know their company. While these resources can give a good impression of your company, the term "business card" in 2020 is a term that misses the mark completely. Social media is nowadays so much more!

Online shopping is certainly through corona the way in which people do business and the means where consumers and entrepreneurs determine where they buy their products and services. Even if you sell a product or service where the transfer is “live”, the vast majority of customers first research online where they want to buy this product or service.

That is why it is very important for you as an entrepreneur to delve into the (im)possibilities of online marketing and to ask yourself how findable your company is online. After all, it's clear that social media is here to stay and, in fact, has become a daily part of almost everyone's life. Millions of people are active on at least one social networking site, and most people check their social profiles more than once a day.

But how do you ensure that as an entrepreneur you stand out from all those other competitors that demand attention? This is a major challenge for many entrepreneurs. Often there is a lack of knowledge about social media or time to do it yourself. And if there is no budget to engage an external advertising agency or staff member for this, chances are that you will leave the social media for what it is. In this blog I will explain why it is wise to invest time in social media marketing and how you can be much more visible online with a minimal effort of your time and money.

5 reasons why you should be more visible online

The first step you should take as an entrepreneur is to ensure that you are present on the most important social media channels. Which they are, depends on what your company does. For example, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are important channels for companies that sell to other companies. Instagram plays an important role in selling consumer products to a target group under the age of 35. But opening a social media page is not enough. With social media the gamerule is very simple: you get out of it,  what you put in to it. If your page is inactive, you obviously can't expect any results. 

The key is to regularly update a social page and create a response whenever possible. I will explain how you can do this in this blog. First I would like to mention 5 important reasons why it is important to be active on social media. Then I explain how to do it in a simple way.

What can you actually achieve when you are active on social media? Below are the most important things that you can realize yourself, without the help of others:

1.  Increase involvement in your business

Having an active profile on social media makes potential customers feel more involved with your business. This happens if you regularly post on your own timeline. Generating engagement is not primarily about offers and calls to share your message. That can help if you want to sell via social media.

However, in order to bind people to your company, it is recommended that you show who you are and what your company stands for via your social media pages. After all, you started your business for a reason. You believe you have something to offer to others. You have to share that story so that you get more and more people who share your ideals or starting points.

An example: Suppose you sell organic soap products. Offers do not create involvement of (new) followers. But if you post about how the soap products are made, what positive effects this has and why you believe that it is important that people buy organic products, you create a group of loyal followers around you on social media who also think that is important. and like to read your posts instead of clicking away.


2.  Increase the number of followers of your pages

By being active on social media, more people automatically see your posts. Also people who are currently not following your page. Having a lot of followers is one of the first goals that help you to eventually sell more. Therefore, post regularly. And also post on the right days and at the right times so that you reach as many people as possible with your message. It is by no means obvious that many people see your messages. This is because only people who are active on social media around the time you post your post may see your post. Later in this blog I will explain how you can easily be visible at the right times.

The content of these posts can be the same as the posts you create to engage existing followers in your business. After all, you are looking for like-minded people who can later become your customer.

With these types of posts you do not try to sell anything. You do ask if people want to like your social media page so that you can share more knowledge with them.

3.  Build trust in your business

It is very important that you put reliable information on your website. Nor is it convenient for most companies to share views on politics, religion or other sensitive topics. Focus on things that you know the vast majority of readers need. You don't always have to post about your products or offers. 

Show that you are a reliable company. Post reviews from satisfied customers. Indicate how you deal with complaints / exchanges. Show that you take the customer seriously and will always try to come up with solutions. Show photos of successful things you've done that solved a customer's problem. 

Whatever it is: always tell the truth in your messages. Overdoing it very much, copying competitor stuff, or pretending your business better than it is has never helped anyone in the long run.

People pointing at a screen

4.  Refer people to your website

Try to indicate in all messages you post that more information can be found on your website. You can do this by adding after each message: Visit our website or devote an entire post now and then guide the people to read more interesting things on your website.

With these kinds of posts it is not bad to be more commercial. After all, the reader knows that you are a company and so they expect that too. But don't put it too thick on top. Then many potential customers drop out. And that's a shame.

5.  Generate turnover with social media posts

Finally, a bit about selling through social media. However, there is a reason why this is the last point of the 5 points. I mentioned in this blog to use social media effectively. If you pick up the first 4 points well, chances are that the turnover will follow automatically. It may feel contradictory, but check your own behavior. 

Don't you prefer to do business with a company that you trust, that gives you meaningful information and that doesn’t push your too hard?

But of course you can/must also post messages with a call to action. My advice is not to insert more than 40% of your messages like with a direct call to buy products though.

Since I don't know what kind of business you have, I'll give some general examples. Try to translate that into your own situation.

Share & Win: If you sell to consumers and have something nice to give away, this can certainly work. It works better if you have a lot of followers. These are the people who prefer to get something from you.

Offers:  Post targeted messages about offers. But keep the reporting uniform. Promote one offer at a time and not all mixed up. Or talk about an offer on a group of products. It is not helpful to confuse customers. Were the jeans on sale or the belts; that should not be a question the reader has. Because then there is a good chance that they will not buy at all.

Rewarding customer loyalty: Promote your customer card. Indicate which benefits you can obtain with this. You do not have to make expensive investments for this. You can make such a card yourself online if you want. Indicate in your posts that clients can save double points the first time the card is used and they mention they saw the post online.


Give your social media marketing a boost!

Save time on maintaining your social media and increase your exposure with Bonc.

How can I increase my visibility on social media?

First of all, thank you for still reading this blog. This indicates that you seriously want to try to take your social media promotion to the next level. We have developed Bonc precisely for his purpose. 

Bonc's goal is to make social media management possible for everyone in a simple, fast way with a minimal effort of time and money. In concrete terms: to achieve the 5 things that I have described in this blog, you need two to three hours a week. No more. And you can do everything within Bonc. Below I show how:

Increase engagement and gain new followers

During the month, write down ideas for posts that you can use to share your knowledge with the readers. For example, that nice response from that customer who indicated why he or she likes to come to your company so much. Or about something you have read in a book. Below our advice on what to do with this:

1.    Write 4 good, but short texts of max. 280 characters. (ask for help if necessary)

2.    Go to the Bonc campaign page

3.    Select your target group and choose a period of 1 week

4.    Let Bonc choose the best days and times for you to post your message.

5.    Choose a quantity of 11 posts, spread over the different channels in that week. 

6.    Add six different photos. If you don't have any photos, you can choose from 300,000 free-to-use photos from our integrated design tool Canva.

7.    Bonc will then post your text 11 times during a week, with 1 of the six photos you have chosen each time.

8.    Do this 4 times, meaning 4 weeks a different text.

This way you can create 44 posts every month without having a lot of work. The messages are posted on different channels and different days and times. Bonc employees have conducted a study for this. Your messages will be seen by more people than when you worked without Bonc.

Instagram stats

Generate trust and drive more visitors to your website

Try, for example, to introduce videos and blogs to people. Upload these videos on your website or your YouTube channe. Or you can place the blogs on your website on a certain page. Then post a link in your social media posts through which people will be referred to your website or YouTube channel. You can also share a YouTube link on social media via Bonc where we ensure that the video looks good (not just a link that must be clicked).

Sell through social media

When selling through social media, it is even more important to repeat your messages. As said before, most people only see your post when they are scrolling on social media. Then it is important that they come across your message when they are online.

Again, the campaign tool is an excellent way to achieve this. With advertisements, it is even more important than with posts where you share knowledge, to make the post look professional. For this we have integrated the Canva tool within Bonc.

Follow the same steps for creating campaigns I mentioned above, but design the pictures of your posts via the “Canva” button. Canva makes it super easy to add your logo and text. You can choose from thousands of templates of previously created advertisements that you can use. Adjust photo and text, add logo and ... done!

I hope this blog has helped you to start using Social media to boost your business. If you have questions, just contact us by email or via the chatbox. We are here to help.

Finally, a video in which you get useful tips about using social media


Jacco van Delden

Founder of Bonc

Jacco van Delden is the founder of Bonc. As an entrepreneur he knows how important social media is to be more successful. He also knows that due to all kinds of circumstances the time, knowledge or money is lacking to do it right. With Bonc he created a platform that saves entrepreneurs a lot of time and money and makes them more visible online.

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