Social media marketing before and after the pandemic

By Denise Wambuma, December 20th, 2020


If there’s one industry that has benefitted greatly from this pandemic, it has to be social media and everything related. Social media marketing was on the rise before the pandemic but what better time to aggressively market your product than when most people are at home and in front of their computer screens and on their phones majority of the time? For those who took up this challenge early on during the pandemic, there has been much to gain. All in all, no matter how early or late you joined the bandwagon, social media marketing is the one piece you were missing in your business.

The best way to understand the social media marketing climate before the pandemic is to share predictions for what it will be like for professionals in that field in the near future.

Greater appreciation for social media jobs

Content creation and social media work has for a long time not been considered as “real work”. Creators (who have been working from home much longer than the rest of the world), have had the opportunity to showcase their work at a larger scale in the last eight months. They have enjoyed brand recognition and engagement from new followers and made more revenue from their work.

Creativity wins

In a world where there are thousands of people in the same space doing more or less the same thing, creativity is the only reason one person stands out more than the other. During the pandemic, professionals in the social media space were challenged to come up with more authentic content. This saw the rise of challenges like #greenscreenchallenge, #scarfchallengeke, “100 layer” challenge and the “water bottle flip” challenge among many others. Influencers and social media managers have been forced to step out of their comfort zones in terms of creativity.

Kindness on social media

While this is relative to who exactly the internet is being kind to, there has been a noticeable consciousness to how people relate to on another on the internet streets. The death of celebrated actor Chadwick Boseman, who faced considerable ridiculing during his private battle with colon cancer, inspired many to be kinder on social media.


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New technology and changing customer needs

Staying at home has presented newer challenges for businesses that relied majorly on customers going into their physical locations to shop. Customers now need fast delivery, reliable and efficient communication and for the business to have an online presence. Another challenge brought out by COVID-19 is the sudden realization of how dirty money is. Businesses have now had to adjust to the fewer people paying in cash and make uses of services such as M-PESA and M-PESA tap. In parts of the UK, customers are now using a biometric system to pay for their goods.

Nothing from the highlighted points is new to social media. People were doing these things even before or at least planning to but the speed at which the world has adapted to them is what makes them notable. Advertising agencies have had to adjust to their clients’ changing demands and requirements. The pandemic has changed the digital marketing space and so the transition to life as we knew it before will be riddled with challenges as the world navigates how best to continue incorporating social media into day to day business.

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Denise Wambuma

Bonc Consultant

Denise Wambuma is a curious young professional with a degree in International Business Administration. She enjoys baking, lifestyle content, and sharing her creative work.

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