How to write a good social media post

By Silvia Njoki, September 20, 2020


You may have noticed that writing social media posts for a business seems simple...until you get right down do it. At that point, you begin to wonder what to say, what to say first so that you catch people’s eye, how relatable your post is, whether it describes your product well enough but without being too wordy etc. It’s enough to make your brain want to curl up into a corner and just binge on Netflix.

The truth is, there are a lot of tips and tricks out there that help when writing social media posts. To list a few:

•      Understand your audience so that you can tailor your content to their needs. For instance, if your audience is unlikely to understand or connect with technical jargon then, it would be best to keep things simple and use power words that evoke emotion.

•      Keep your posts short and concise. This ensures your audience doesn’t get bored and, sometimes, you may have not a choice since some platforms enforce strict word counts.

•      Avoid limp words. These are words that take up space but aren’t impactful. For instance, you could, “TRY to provide customers with quality products at affordable prices,” or you could, “PROVIDE customers with quality products at affordable prices.” Words like, “Try,” and, “Might,” are limp words.


All of these tips are correct and work great when helping you to refine your posts but, what no one ever talks about is the anatomy of a good post. The outline that your posts should follow before you even consider the words you want to use. The mold that your words ought to fit into. Here is the checklist for a good post:

1.   High-quality content. Whether it’s a photo or video, you should ensure that the quality is good and the content catches people’s eyes. For instance, by using professional quality images or by having images with contrasting subjects. An example would be the recent viral image of an Indian girl in a red dress smiling while standing in the middle of a flood.


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2.  A tagline that draws attention. Your post should have at least one line that catches people’s attention and sticks in their mind. For instance, a post by the NBA could be, “The captains are in,” when announcing captains for teams. It’s short, it catches your attention and it's easy to keep in mind.

3.  Information. Your post should give information about your product or company briefly and concisely. After all, that’s the purpose of the post, isn’t it? To create awareness?

4.  Style. Don’t be afraid of adding a bit of your flair to the post. For instance, if you’re a big fan of puns, you could be punny in a post. Letting your humanity leak into a post keeps it from sounding mechanical and lets people relate to it better.

5.  A Call-to-Action. A CTA is a brief phrase that asks people to do something such as check out your website or sign up to receive a newsletter. It gives your online audience a direction to head in and increases the likelihood of them interacting with your business in more meaningful ways than just liking your content. If done right, you can put a CTA in every post without it being annoying.

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Silvia Njoki

Silvia Njoki is a devoured digital marketing professional, with a degree in customer relations, that enjoys sharing her written work in blogs or written pieces.

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