How to do contentmarketing, step by step 

By Stefan Roorda, October 16, 2020


With the right approach, a website will contribute to the growth of an organization. But before you know it, getting there will give you a lot of headache. All those choices! We suggest you to follow this step-by-step plan and determine this way the strategy of your content marketing.

Content marketing ... vague term, don’t you think?. Is it worth taking a closer look? Let’s compare: Do you also hate screaming advertisements? Organizations chasing you online? Pushy newsletters? Or phone salesmen with smooth talk?

If yes, great! Because then there is a good chance that you will be very enthusiastic about content marketing. Many organizations have traditionally struggled with the question: how do we reach our target group with the right information at the right time? Content marketing takes the information needs of your target group seriously. And this need differs per case. How do you respond with valuable content? No more pushing and shouting, but captivating and binding. Really valuable insights.Let’s take a better look at it

Step 1    Set goals

Step 2    Know your target audience & the customer journey

Step 3    Know yourself

Step 4    Create a smart balance

Step 5    Make your content marketing measurable

Captivate and bind

In theory is easy, of course. Captivate and bind your target group with the right information. How hard can it be? Well, to be fair to you, a lot of organizations get cramped pretty quickly. Because who exactly is our target group? And what information is our target group looking for? Aren't we pouring out too much information on them? How do we actually tell stories that fascinate and bind? Who is responsible for continuity in this? Did that colleague again not send that input for the newsletter?

The answer is: create a content strategy and include your colleagues in this. A good strategy helps you to maintain focus, to make goals measurable and helps you make the right choices. We developed this step-by-step plan to help organizations create a content marketing strategy.

Step 1  Set goals

How nice is it when you see growth towards your goal. It motivates you when you see that your efforts are successful. But what do you want to achieve? What greater purpose does your effort contribute to? Make this as concrete as possible. How many visitors do you want to have on the website per month? How many quotation requests must be made via the website per month? To what major goal does publishing your content contribute? Put your dreams on paper, where do you want to be in a year?

What is the use of 1,000 followers on Facebook? What does that contribute to? Examples of objectives are:

    •    Supporting the sales process: generating more leads

    •    Building authority as a knowledge player

    •    Increase findability of your website

    •    Reducing support questions from your customers

    •    Create a clearer positioning with your brand

    •    Improve the customer experience: deepen the relationship with your customer

Step 2  Know your target audience

Your target audience. That’s were It all starts. The better you know your target group, the more focus there will be in marketing and sales. Who is your ideal customer? What is his or her concern, what problems does he or she have and what solution do you offer for this?

Knowing your target audience really starts with collecting information. Make it a joint process with your colleagues to describe and define your target group. This creates a joint focus and you get a strong appearance to the outside.

But where do you collect those valuable insights into what concerns your target group

Talk to your current customers!

content marketing stappenplan

The best tip is of course to talk to your current customers. Not with an impersonal survey, but at the table, with a cup of coffee or lunch. Talk to them about why they choose you. What binds them? What do you offer for them that the competitor does not offer? Have this conversation with customers you have known for years. What solution have they found with you? Why did they switch? What was the trigger? In this way you not only get to know your customer better, you also get a better insight into what customers appreciate in you. Try to map out the customer journey in this way.

Let's go back to the beginning: content marketing is helping your target audience find the right information at the right time. The Customer Journey maps out all possible contact moments (touchpoints) with the customer. How do you gain user confidence, from orientation to purchase? The customer journey consists of different phases in which users need answers to other questions.

Step 3  Learn to know yourself

Huh, know yourself? Wasn't it about responding to the needs of our target group? Creating content does have to do with yourself. What should be (subconsciously) noticeable when your target audience reads your content? What do you stand for? Strange content only arises when you know yourself.

What are the drivers, the underlying core values ​​in your organization? Why do you do what you do? People do business with people. So you give your content human values.

content stappenplan

Step 4  Find your balance

So, we are ready. Now we can start writing a killer content. To work effectively it is important to create a good balance in your content marketing. Because let's be honest: you can be quite busy with it. A newsletter every month, organizing a customer event, several blogs per month, developing another brochure, et cetera, et cetera.

Organizations that are successful have practiced creating rhythm. Rhythm creates endurance, clarity and quality.


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Step 5  Make it measurable

Apart from the content of content marketing, you have to deal with the technology: how do you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing? Many organizations still measure too little. Successful organizations take the time to look back. Are the assumptions we made about the number of readers per month correct? Is interaction with the customer increasing? Do we see this reflected in our KPIs? Does our content marketing contribute to our organizational goals?

You evaluate with the plan, do, check, act cycle. Define SMART objectives in your content marketing, produce and distribute all your content, evaluate whether objectives are achieved, adjust and improve. Adjusting, producing, evaluating and adjusting goals again. And that in a continuous cycle. Provide insight into what is or is not successful and work slowly towards achieving your goals.

I help customers to flourish by asking questions about how real flowering will be achieved. Strategy is mainly knowing what you are not going to do anymore, so I help clients to make manageable choices in their focus.

Besides 'together in the team', I also get a lot of energy from 'together with the customer'. No superficial contacts, but helping each other out of inspiration. Amazing concepts and digital innovation make me very happy.

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