Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Bonc? We have made this list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

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Plans & Pricing

What is Bonc?

A virtual assistant who helps the entrepreneur in the field of online marketing. This assistant works effectively, because Bonc is accessible, explains the principles of online marketing and is directly focused on action. Bonc is not a complex software program, but a simple step-by-step online assistant that works very quickly and efficiently. Bonc aims to help entrepreneurs to effectively conduct marketing.

How do I install Bonc?

If you click here you can sign in as a new user. You do not have to download Bonc in an app store, because Bonc works via a so-called 'web app'! Of course, you can install a Bonc icon on your phone, laptop, tablet or PC. That saves you time in the future. You only have to click on the icon to start the Bonc platform.

How to pay?

You can pay with credit card or direct debit. The invoice will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

Social Accounts

With what social media is Bonc compatible?

Currently Bonc is fully compatible with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also have an Instagram functionality which makes it easy to share and schedule posts on Instagram.

How do I link my social media channels to Bonc?

You can add your social media channels to Bonc in the settings under the section Brands and Channels. You can add multiple channels for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can give these channels names so that you can distinguish them well.

App Help

The app doesn’t work, what now?

First log out and try logging in again. If that does not work, send an e-mail to Bonc: or ask our chat in the down right corner. Bonc will provide a quick response so that you are back on track as soon as possible.

How do you post on Bonc?

With Bonc you can create your own social media posts. You can design them yourself with Canva or by adding your own photos. Then write the text you want in the textbox. After that you need to select which social media channel and time you want to schedule and confirm your choice. That’s it! You’ve created your first message!

How does the Campaign feature work?

With the Campaign tool you can create multiple messages in one go. You can select what you want to promote, how intensively you want to promote them, to whom you want to promote them and what the duration of that campaign is.

How does the Toolbox work?

The Toolbox helps you with the rest of your social media. For example: Mail headers, blog banners, Facebook cover, Facebook ad, Twitter Header, Twitter posts, Instagram message, Instagram story, Transparent logo, LinkedIn banner and a logo.

How do I change my scheduled post?

You go to the tab called ‘Scheduled’. Here you will find all your scheduled posts. Behind each post there is an icon that indicates that you can edit it. If you click on this icon you can edit the message. You can also delete your message if you want to.

How do I create brands?

Go to settings. Then click on 'Brands and Channels' in the left column. Here you can change your current brand and create or add a new brand. You can also add a logo to your brand. Each brand can contain a different logo.

How do I add team members?

In the left column of settings there is also a header called 'Team members'. Here you can invite team members via email and indicate if they are a 'User' or 'Admin'.

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