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Design your messages

Make your social media messages unique by designing them with Bonc. Here it is possible to add your own company logo, colours and fonts to your messages. In addition, Bonc contains various templates that are exclusively designed for different industries. Because of this, the design options are endless and will ensure you to stand out with your company. By adding your company logo, colours and fonts you increase the recognisability of your company on social media. You can easily add an image by taking a photo or uploading it from your own files. And if you don't have a fitting image? No worries! Bonc offers a library full of images, suitable for every company. Write an additional text and your social media message is ready to post.

Manage your messages

You don't want to create, write and post a message every day? Or you prefer to plan ahead? Let Bonc assist you with these handy tools and prepare your social media messages for a month.

Always within reach

Bonc is easy to use on both laptop and mobile. This allows you to manage your online marketing, wherever and whenever you want. This platform allows you to easily switch between different devices and pick up exactly where you left off. To make Bonc even easier on mobile, you can add a shortcut onto your homepage (Android or iOs). This means Bonc will always be close at hand.

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