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What is Bonc?

A virtual assistant who helps the entrepreneur in the field of online marketing. This assistant works effectively, because Bonc is accessible, explains the principles of online marketing and is directly focused on action. Bonc is not a complex software program, but a simple step-by-step online assistant that works very quickly and efficiently. Bonc aims to help entrepreneurs to effectively conduct marketing.

How to install Bonc?

If you click here you can sign in as a new user. You do not have to download Bonc in an app store, because Bonc works via a so-called 'web app'! Of course, you can install a Bonc icon on your phone, laptop, tablet or PC. That saves you time in the future. You only have to click on the icon to start the Bonc platform.

How to pay?

You can pay with credit card or direct debit. The invoice will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

How to create a business Facebook account?

We have made a video in which we explain this step by step. Click
here to watch the video

How to create a business Instagram account?

We have made a video in which we explain this step by step. Click
here to watch the video

How to create a LinkedIn account?

We have made a video in which we explain this step by step. Click
here to watch the video

How to create a business twitter account?

We have made a video in which we explain this step by step. Click
here to watch the video

How do I create a shortcut?

We have made a video in which we explain this step by step. Android of iOs.

How can I post a photo or video?

You can choose on which social media channel your post needs to be published. You can do this via the menu right after you’re logged into Bonc. Subsequently, you can publish your photos and videos. Besides that, you can also publish “live” photos and videos with your own smartphone camera. As a paid user, you can also choose photo’s or video’s from the Bonc library if you don’t have any nice photos, videos or images available.

Can I change the language of Bonc?

Bonc is currently available in Dutch and English. You can change your preferred language in the settings.

How can I turn off push notifications?

Push notifications can be turned off on the settings page.

One Bonc account on multiple phones, is that possible?

You can log in as a Bonc user from any device you want to use. After all, it is an online platform that you can access from any computer or phone, as long as you have the login details at hand!

The app doesn’t work, what now?

First log out and try logging in again. If that does not work, send an e-mail to Bonc: If you mention in the e-mail your Business name that you use in the Boncapp, Bonc will provide a quick response so that you are back on track as soon as possible.

Is it safe?

Working with Bonc is absolutely safe. The data that you distribute via Bonc is sent by servers that are located in different locations in Europe. The company CS Net that ensures secure data storage of your information is also the company that manages for example all mortgage details of customers of all banks in the Netherlands. Bonc is therefore very happy that agreements have been made to store your data with this highly secured company.

Which terms and conditions do apply?

We use terms and conditions and privacy conditions that are customary for our type of services. You can read or print our terms and conditions by clicking on “Privacy Policy” or “Terms and Conditions”.

What do you do with my privacy data?

We think your privacy is extremely important. That is why we have paid a lot of attention to secure it. You can read more about our privacy standards on our Privacy Policy page.

What is the minimum age for using Bonc?

The company that enters into a contract with Bonc (with the paid versions) determines who is allowed to work with Bonc on behalf of their company. Obviously, the person who enters the paid subscription must, according to the legislation in the Netherlands, be at age.

How can I switch between subscriptions?

That is super simple, just like the use of Bonc. You go to your settings and click on subscription information. There you can change the type of subscription with the click of a button. You will receive an e-mail in which you have to confirm your choice one more time. After this confirmation the new subscription starts from the next contract period. If you opt for a more expensive plan, you will be upgraded right away. If you opt for a cheaper plan, you keep the rights in the current period for the more expensive ticket (as you have paid for it) and your rights will only be adjusted at the next contract term.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Freedom gives happiness. That is why you can cancel your contract with Bonc anytime you want. The only restriction is that you cancel by chosen contract terms. So if you work with a quarterly contract with Bonc, you can cancel per contract etc. You always pay in advance, so if you cancel, your subscription will stop after the current term you have chosen. We do not return money. Cancelling is as easy as signing up. You go to your settings and choose the “stop contract” option and confirm. We will send you a confirmation by email.

I have an idea, where can I send my idea?

Bonc is very happy with new ideas. We are currently still in the process of developing every day. Do you want to contribute to this, please share your idea with us and who knows, you might see your idea back at Bonc! Mail your idea to:

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