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How to use social media

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In this day and age, many people are active on social media. But the question is: how will these thousands of people online turn into thousands of clients for your company. My name is Violet, marketing consultant at Bonc and I will share with you the top 10 tips for using social media to drive sales.

1. Create a strategy
Having a strategy means that you need to create a full, detailed plan of what platforms you'll, use, and how you'll use them. It's not enough to simply create a Facebook or twitter page and then leave it, you need to know why you're investing time there.

2. Think about what platforms to use
Not every social media platform is suitable for your business or the set goals. It is important to know what will work for you. For example, a more visual platform such as Instagram or Pinterest may work for a fashion designer but if you provide professional services, LinkedIn will be favorable

3. Know your audience
Social media platforms have a diverse set of users, you need to define your target audience while developing content or social media campaigns. This is because not everyone on social media will need your product or service but you need to identify those who will.

4. Put real thought into your post
Focus on quality. You need to plan out the posts you make before they go live. For example if you draw and need to sell your art, ensure that you're only posting beautiful, high quality images because no one will be compelled to buy if your content 'sucks'.

5. Interact with your audience
Social media users crave to interact with the brands they follow. You'll need to pay attention to what they're saying, read the comments, and reply to their questions. If not, they get the impression that you are not interested in their wishes.
Customer engagement is important because it helps:
   • Gain followers
   • Retain followers
   • Convert followers to purchases

6. Be consistent
Be consistent when it comes to posting. Remember, your followers are likely following hundreds or even thousands of other people. If you're not publishing new content as often as the other accounts out there, it's easy to get lost and forgotten.

7. Proofread and edit
Yes! Even your social media posts. Millions of people use social media, so the last thing you want is for them to see the typo you made. It can make you look unprofessional, which can put some readers off buying from you.

8. Test and evaluate frequently
It's not enough to create a strategy and just leave it in place. It's like a plant that you need to water frequently to keep it growing. Do tests to see how your posts are reaching your audience and always look for ways to improve. For example, you can track how many readers come to you from search engines such as Google, or how many click-throughs you get from a post.

9. Capture their attention
Readers will be scrolling through their feeds constantly and you want them to stop. The best way to do this is to grab their attention. Use bold color choices, bright pictures, or video to make them stop and see what you have to say

10. Write content the reader can use
This sounds obvious, but write content that's relevant to the reader. Show the reader how they can use your product services in their everyday lives. I hope you found this content useful. Now it's time for you to drive your sales. Good luck! For more information please check also our blog posts on LinkedIn@boncafrica

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