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The internet is not your business card!

Sometimes you hear entrepreneurs say: my website or Facebook page, that is my business card. By this, entrepreneurs mean that people can get to know their company through these channels. And although these resources can give a good first impression of your company, the term "business card" is a term that no longer does the trick in 2019.

Whether you like it or not, doing business online is more than necessary and most of all, it’s truly efficient for entrepreneurs. Online shopping is already one of the most important business aspects and it’s the ultimate method for entrepreneurs to offer their products and services to consumers. This makes it even more important to you as an entrepreneur to deep-dive into the (im)possibilities of online marketing and your findability, so that your business will be put on the map.

How do you make sure that, as an entrepreneur, you stand out from all the other businesses? For a lot of entrepreneurs, this is a huge challenge. Entrepreneurs often struggle to implement the right online marketing strategy within their organization. But how do you do this as an entrepreneur if you don’t have the time to do this?

No time
There are entrepreneurs who would like to deep-dive into the online part of the market and maybe you recognize this feeling. Because of daily life, you simply don't have the time to do this. And even though you already have enough work to do, as an entrepreneur you feel that you need to do something with online marketing. Because in a few years, the gap between what you are doing right now and what is happening online will only get bigger. But how can you still do this if you don’t have that much time to dedicate to it?

Bonc offers solutions to this problem. With Bonc, you only spend time installing your social media channels once. It pays off immediately after that! You will be able to create and post a message in almost no time and in a super easy way. This can be something that other entrepreneurs without Bonc can sometimes work on for hours Working with Bonc, you write a text only once. Bonc also gives you writing style advice to make sure your message is more powerful. Then, Bonc will post your message on the different channels that you choose! You can start writing the text and save it whenever you want, so that you don't have to start over when the phone rings or when a customer comes in. Very handy and completely tailored to the busy entrepreneur!

No Budget
There are entrepreneurs who also want to make their social media posts look professional. They want to make beautiful posts with their own logo, they want to have it beautifully designed and of course they are completely right about that! If you have an external party to do this for you, it will take a lot of time and a lot of money, because in addition to supplying the information, you are dependent on when this person/company planned time in for you. Maybe you have a handy nephew or niece, neighbour or another acquaintance who can create something for you, but you don't always want to bother them. You want to be independent and you want to determine yourself when something should be put online.

Bonc also created something for this. A couple of marketeers and designers started working and developed a variety of different templates. You can put your photos in these templates to layer them with your logo and to use your brand colours, so that you can create a professional post yourself. For this, you only need to set up your logo and favourite colours once and Bonc will remember these settings, so that next time you can create posts even faster. You only have to choose which templates suit your posts best.

Of course, there will be people who say that you still need ideas to post things, that you need inspiration to come up with a good message, but Bonc also helps users with these things. The Bonc tool provides you with tips and suggestions to help you come up with ideas. The first step is to be more active online and the rest will follow! If you use Bonc to do this, the great part about it is that, after a few months, you’ll be much more active online than before. And the results are great! Because Bonc also keeps track of that for you. All your posts are provided with information in an easy way, so that you can determine which posts work better than others.

Bonc has a free version that will stay free. You don’t have to enter any payment details for this. And if you do choose for a paid version, you can start for as little as € 16.50 excluding VAT per month or $20 excluding VAT per month if you are an entrepreneur form outside the Netherlands . For those subscriptions applies: freedom and happiness. You can cancel at any time. And even that was made super easy by Bonc for you!

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