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Bonc is not an app, but a platform

At Bonc we sometimes get the question: "Can I download Bonc for my iPhone, iPad or Android phone?" The answer is just: "No, because Bonc is not an app, but a platform." “A platform? What is that?”, is something we often see entrepreneurs think. The platform sounds more complicated, while people have often organized their (digital) world with apps.

Bonc can be called an app, but for the IT people among us, Bonc is actually a web app. A what? In a nutshell, a web app is actually a mobile version of a website. This website is specially designed for the screen size. With a web app, it doesn't matter which device you use. A tablet, mobile phone, laptop or even desktop. The advantage of this solution is that Bonc works the same, no matter on what device you use Bonc. So, no separate manual for working on your laptop and on your mobile phone. The system works the same on all devices. You also never have to update the web app. Bonc does this for you in the background, so you always have the latest functionalities to work with. Very handy, right?

At Bonc we want to offer our users freedom. That means freedom to determine on which device you prefer to work. It could be that you are often on the road and want to take care of your online marketing on your mobile phone or you mainly work behind your desk at the office. If this is the case, it is easy to use your laptop or desktop.

To make Bonc just as accessible as a traditional app, you do have the option to create a shortcut for Bonc to put on your "home" screen on your mobile phone.

In our instructional video on the Bonc "frequently asked questions page", we have simply explained what you need to do in order to get this done on an iPhone or Android phone.

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