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Online marketing. Great, but how? It’s nothing new that the use of social media among entrepreneurs has grown tremendously in the past few years. And that online marketing is changing rapidly is also nothing new. When you google “online marketing trends 2019”, it seems like there are emerging new trends every single day And if it’s not your top priority, as an entrepreneur you have no other choice than jump on the train and follow these trends!

The steps that you have to take to be active online can sometimes be overwhelming. Post frequently (and of course be as authentic as possible), organize giveaways, record "Insta stories" and maybe you have already started vlogging? In short, taking care of your online presence and visibility properly is a huge and time-consuming job. And that is exactly what you as an entrepreneur have little time for, because you want to do what you are good at, which is doing business!

A lot of entrepreneurs use social media mainly to increase the brand awareness and visibility of their company. Entrepreneurs who are active with one or more accounts on social media, rate their use on average with a score of 5.5. The main reason for this is the lack of time to properly take care of the online marketing of their company. Also, the lack of knowledge about social media is an issue. Because what goes viral today, can be outdated tomorrow.

Because online marketing is here to stay, now is the time that we no longer see these questions as an obstacle but as a challenge, and therefore we need to embrace online marketing. As an entrepreneur, your company deserves to be seen! Your online visibility shouldn’t be a burden or make you "sweat" in your rare free time, while writing new messages or coming up with effective marketing campaigns. As an entrepreneur, you want to work as efficient as possible and stay visible online with a professional image.

And now there’s a solution for that. And that solution is called Bonc. Bonc was born from the idea of helping you as an entrepreneur in the field of online marketing. Bonc wants to help you put your company on the map and launch a results-oriented online campaign in a super easy way. By being assisted in the field of online marketing, you will have the time to focus on your core business again or to just relax with a beer in the pub, to enjoy a book on the couch or a high tea with your friends!

Bonc believes that social media can be social again. Looking for and making a connection! Bonc focuses on online marketing for you, so you can have more time for things that are even more important to you than your company. Together with Bonc, creating posts and launching online campaigns is going to be a piece of cake, and it’s going to be fun, too! No more obstacles, just taking action. That’s Bonc. Bonc saves you time and provides measurable marketing results. And all that in your own language and a price that will make you laugh.

Curious? Bonc is ready for you!

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