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2019 is progressing steadily. Maybe you already had the intention to boost the online marketing of your company this year, but because you’re busy, you haven’t had the chance yet. No worries, because Bonc will help you. Bonc keeps an eye on the trends for you. This means that you can respond effectively to the latest developments. Even better, Bonc can help you with this.

Personalized marketing
What we often see is the personalization trend. As the social media user is increasingly flooded by a tsunami of posts on his or her timeline, customized marketing is playing an increasingly important role. So: how can you attract and retain the attention of your target audience? Young people are known to appreciate a personalized online experience. This can be achieved by, for example, responding to an event that you know attracts many young people. For example the next big event in your region.

Films and video
In addition, video content is the fastest growing marketing method. You’re now standing out if you don't post videos, the so-called vlogging. We are not only seeing this trend becoming a reality on Facebook and Instagram. On LinkedIn, there are also more and more entrepreneurs who present their company with vlogs. Vlogging, however, is a more expensive way of communicating with your audience than posting regular messages. Especially since vlogging (if you want to do it right) takes up more of your time than posting messages. And if you want to start vlogging professionally, it’s going to cost even more. But you’ll get a lot of marketing success for it in return.

Before you start, determine what you want to achieve with your online marketing and whether you really need video or film for this or not. It’s clear that video and film at least leads to more engagement with your followers. So, let’s say you have an incredibly beautiful production line that you are quite proud of, but nobody can see it because it all takes place behind closed doors. If this is the case, then it’s definitely worth considering to have that production line "shine" in a vlog. Maybe one of your employees really likes the idea of doing this. Or maybe you are charismatic yourself. That’s of course also a possibility.

Direct customer contact
Direct interaction with your customers is becoming more and more important. Maybe you used to get in contact with your customers through an entry form on your website, but today you’re probably being welcomed by chatbots more. Chatbot software simulates human conversation and monitors the lasting relationships with customers, and as an entrepreneur, this doesn’t take up much of your time. Although an automatic response is generated, the bot remains personal, polite and always available. This could be convenient for if you own a medium sized or small business without a customer service department, but you want personal contact with

The keyword is personalization with a touch of vlog marketing and direct customer contact. As a small entrepreneur, you’re at least as good as the ‘big guys’ with this mix.

Another tip: when personalizing your online marketing, it’s important to know what moves your audience. It shouldn’t be hard to figure this out. Go and talk to your most important customers, listen carefully and don’t try to sell them something right off the bat. Consumers, and especially the millennials and generation X, shy away from that. If you need some inspiration read our other blog about knowing your online followers.

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