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About Bonc

"We want to help entrepreneurs increase their online visibility in an easy way".

We are a Dutch start-up that has developed the first Dutch online marketing assistant focused on self-employed professionals and small and medium-sized businesses. A platform that is super simple to use and with which you can promote your company, or product or service with minimal effort.

Bonc was born with the idea of ​​helping entrepreneurs with their online visibility. Social media is amazingly suitable for reaching customers. But good use of social media is not easy for many entrepreneurs. That is why Bonc was founded. We want to help entrepreneurs increase their online visibility in an accessible way.

Bonc comes with simple solutions that save time and create a professional look for the messages that entrepreneurs post. As an independent entrepreneur, you work hard on a daily basis and you deliver great products or services to your customers. You are proud of that and want your (future) customers to see that.

Together with Bonc, posting messages on social media and online campaigning will be a piece of cake.

We want to help entrepreneurs and therefore offer a free package that really helps you as an entrepreneur. In addition, the paid packages are kept as affordable as possible. That's Bonc.

How does Bonc work?

Bonc is a digital assistant in the form of a web application (simply a website that works as an app). You can use Bonc on your mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Therefore, you don’t not need to download Bonc and never upgrade it!

Who's behind Bonc?

Bonc is the result of four companies, that specialize in online marketing, branding and software development, joining forces. In this way, Bonc offers knowledge and experiences from various disciplines with the aim of providing entrepreneurs with the best possible service at the lowest possible price.

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