Comparison between Bonc, Loomly, Buffer and Hootsuite

By Lavender Syanda, November 16th, 2020

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As the everyday social media user becomes more tech savvy, more and more people and entrepreneurs are looking to social media management tools. With the demand of these tools being so high in the market, naturally the market will respond and supply a multitude of options leaving the user overwhelmed with choices. It is for that reason that such posts exists.

Below we shall look at Bonc and how it holds up against its competitors and hopefully by the end a customer will be able to choose the social media management tool that best suits their needs. In order for this comparison to be fair we shall be looking at a number of features, these will be the features highlighted by the tools themselves because those are the features that matter the most to their customers and prospective customers, you. In order to have a fair comparison we shall look at the features, the price, and whether or not they are great for working in teams.


What makes social media management tools so great are the features they have. A good social media management tool should allow its user to schedule and post on the main social media platforms at least which they all do so what sets Bonc apart from the competition? Bonc has a feature called the toolbox. What’s so great about the toolbox is that it makes setting up your socials and posting easy as pie. Unlike the other social media management tools Bonc doesn’t assume that you know everything there is to do with setting up online. As such it gives you all the tools you need to set up all your social media platforms from Instagram to YouTube, what I mean? For instance LinkedIn cover, Facebook cover, email header, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts, Facebook posts to name a few. You don’t need to have any prior information about any of this, at Bonc we have you covered.

Speaking of having you covered, Bonc has also partnered with Canva which is a free stock photo online database which will make sure you never run out of ideas.

Another great tool they have in common is the campaign tool. While all the other platforms allow you to campaign at an additional cost, Bonc allows you to campaign but get this, at no additional cost, it doesn’t get better than this. The subscription fee you pay monthly for Bonc is inclusive of running online campaigns as well, you are welcome :}.


The only platform of the three that is as affordable as Bonc is Buffer, the rest have premium pricing as they should given they are the Godfather platforms. However, think about what your needs are versus your budget, how much do you have to spend on this as a budding entrepreneur? With Bonc you get all the spoils of increasing your online reach and social media campaigns without breaking the bank!

When it comes to pricing a user also has to think about how they are being billed, for instance, with Loomly you are charged yearly. What does that mean it means you pay for the year then you use the platform for the year without having to think about it however, this is very limiting in terms of flexibility. What happens when you have a change pf heart? Hear about a great platform called Bonc and decide to shift camp? See the problem there? So you have to think about how you are being charged.

What makes Bonc’s pricing so great is that you are charged monthly and you have the liberty to cancel or down grade your subscription at your leisure and convenience, in a word, flexible.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Buffer doesn’t do so well here. In today’s world if there is one thing that has become imminently clear is that teamwork is important. Both Loomly and Hootsuite have accounts suited for working in teams but guess what? So does Bonc and with Bonc you get up to 100 social media platforms with the teamwork package because Bonc values teamwork.

What’s so great about Bonc is that it is created by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs. At Bonc we get the entrepreneur, we understand bootstrapping and have tailored the platform to give the entrepreneur their money’s worth because we want to see you grow. We look forward to supporting your business and supporting your dream. Start your 14 day free trial today!


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Lavender Syanda

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Lavender Syanda is a blogger and content creator. She is an honor roll student with a double focus Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She is currently working as a digital marketing consultant at Bonc International.

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