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By Ruby Githui, November 16th, 2020

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Bonc has various button features that will assist you in understanding the navigation and functions of the application itself, in order to fully utilize its advantages, hence increasing your social media presence with good digital marketing.

The first button feature is the dashboard which can navigate you to the posting feature, your team member information, our Bonc blogs as well as the Bonc shop, in just one click. It is the account user landing page.

We also share information on how to advance the readers digital marketing skills by equipping them with the right steps and tools to do just that, as well as trends in advertising and so much more.

As for the Bonc shop, it contains various subscription packages for our user to choose from. They include consultation and content creation packages, serviced by our team on behalf of the user/client. Once a package has been purchased, Bonc team members are then assigned to your selected project. We create quotes, texts, posters, logos, pictures and videos; all customized to all the aspects of your brand. We can also start social media pages on all the various marketing platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and linkden adding cover art, headers and logos. The consultation package offers the user about 10 hours in a month for them to brainstorm and bounce back ideas and strategies purposed to enhance your reach hence increasing your sales.

The Post button feature which opens up a template for one to curate a post. The post can be written text, a photo, video, YouTube link or Bonc quote.

One can also create and post a custom design from ones Canva portfolio which is a collaborative feature on Bonc to boost the level of creativity of each user. Once a post has been created, the user can either choose to post it or save it as a concept to be posted at another time.

The campaign feature navigates you to your “campaign creation” template. This template allows you to select the brand and product that you wish to promote, the intensity of your campaign in terms of average posts per week, as well as the audience and duration of said campaign. The advantage of this feature is that it assists the business owner with enhancing their social media presence in terms of consistency and creativity helping you understand your customers and consumers better.


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The schedule feature allows you to schedule your posts through out a duration of time . It serves as an advantage in that the user can plan their posts ahead of time relieving them of the pressure that comes with curating and sharing posts every single day. It’s also best to plan ahead of time in case of anything, but most of all for consistency in terms of delivery of content purposed to promote one’s products or services.

Finally, we have our analytics and tool box button features. The analytics feature allows one to understand the demographic, age and gender of their customer base, as well as the interactions with their social media posts promoting their products and services. This feature all in all helps the business owner once again understand their customer and consumer base, allowing them to make adjustments to their campaigns in order to increase their reach as well as turn customers into consumers.

The tool box on the other hand is more of a creative feature for it allows one to create different designs for the users social media pages. These include email headers, Facebook cover photos, Twitter posts, campaign logo, transparent logo e.t.c. It makes the creative process easier with our Canva collaborative feature where one can either use a clean slate or use one of the Canva templates to curate either one of the post stated above. The dimensions are also a standard setting so that they fit perfectly on the social media pages.

All in all, Bonc is the online marketing assistant that one needs to boost their social media presence, hence their customer reach, all in all increasing their returns on investment, which pretty much is the goal of every company. This gives you motivation and fulfillment for the business that you are passionate about.

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Ruby Githui

Bonc Consultant

Hello! My name is Ruby and I am a digital content creator at Bonc. I love the summer, food, art and music.

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