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By Akshay Tailor, November 15th, 2020


As social media management becomes the talk of the town…almost all towns in the world, business owners look for easier ways to balance business life offline and online. With devices in pockets to wearable gadgets, solutions from the web are not as far as they used to be.

Bonc, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs build a social media presence to market their businesses online has achieved success.

This success is measured simultaneously with success of the users/clients.

An example would be when Elvis went on the web and searched for how he can somehow post on all his social media at the same time instead of going to each one of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and post individually.

He came to and signed up for the 14 day free trial. He realized how easy it was to post about his products, offers and other information on all social media platforms at the same time. Bonc gives him more time to work on other tasks that need physical work at the workplace. 

Cosmetic businesses highly market their products on social media. Rachael, who owns a cosmetic shop was on the look for a platform to make her online marketing better. When she discovered Bonc, She was looking at how she can create posters about her beauty products and post to all social media platforms. When she started using Bonc, She quickly learned about how the tools section of Bonc came in handy to her. She could easily go to tools on Bonc, create posters for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn… and also her Facebook cover and Twitter header. Finally the most important part of time-saving, she could post on all social media platforms at once. 

With frequent posts by many marketing advisors on Instagram about how to improve your engagement on social media, Martin, an enrepreneur found Bonc as a solution. He was searching on the net for how he can improve the interaction of his content with his followers. He came across an article written by Bonc about keeping track of analytics. This led him to He signed up for the 14 day free trial and saw the analytics feature on the web app that’s the most interesting to him. He was happy to see all statistics such as likes Shares, engagement and comments on one dashboard.


Give your social media marketing a boost!

Save time on maintaining your social media and increase your exposure with Bonc.

Margaret manages social media platforms for other businesses. She wanted a solution where she could handle more than one business’s social media on one platform. When going through the information given on the Bonc website, she saw that Bonc allows you to add more than one brand on an account. She was handling social media accounts for a bakery and a salon. With this feature of adding more than one brand, she was able to create content and post for each business from one platform, Bonc.

One of the most important aspects of Bonc is the pricing. We know it is important for entrepreneurs to have the best prices for them as they are starting out on their journey of business. Jonathan, who wanted to start a business which was about selling clothes online, found Bonc is the best option compared to other social media management websites. He mentioned that the features included in the package were a lot more beneficial to him for the price.

As you grow as an entrepreneur, Bonc grows with you. The most important part for Bonc is to make sure your experience of social media management is made more fun and effective.

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Akshay Tailor

Bonc Consultant

Hey there! My name is Akshay Tailor. I am the senior content developer at
Bonc International. I am also a blogger, photographer and influencer in Kenya. I work with creative teams to brand businesses on social media.

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