As many leads as possible after a social media post? Rather not!

By Saskia Kerkhof, October 22, 2020


They roll in like hot cakes. The notifications from your website that a new lead has arrived. That your Facebook campaign is working like a bomb! You have written a provocative message. And apparently also made a good call to action, because there is a lot of clicks for more information.

The next day you start enthoustiastic with the follow-up of all these leads. That is a lot of work: you have 23 quotation requests. Converted, you spend at least 2 days making those quotations. The disappointment is therefore great when you call them. "Not interested after all". "I was just curious". "I actually think it is expensive". Turned out that your Facebook campaign didn't really work like a magnet. Could you have prevented this?

Dare to choose: quality over quantity

The short answer: yes, it could have been. There are ways to write social media posts so that only serious customers respond. Customers for whom you would like to make a quotation, because they are seriously considering buying something from you. It just takes guts. You have to dare to choose. You choose quality over quantity. Rather a few serious leads than a reservoir of "shopping customers."

Write smart neuro messages

Do you dare to generate fewer leads with your social media messages? Beautiful! Then you are a lot further than most competitors. Your next challenge is to write smarter messages. By that I don't mean that you write stupid messages now. By "smarter" I mean addressing the unconscious brain. Apply neuro principles. We know that at least 95% of our decision-making is unconscious.

Determine where you want the reader to focus on

What can you do to increase the quality of leads from social media messages? A lot of! There are a number of techniques, I call them neuroprinciples, with which you unconsciously direct the thoughts of the reader of your posts. So first determine: what do you want the reader to think when reading your message? Let me give you three examples:

•      This company delivers quality, and there may be a price tag on it.

•      This company doesn't work for everyone, they choose their customers themselves. - do they want me?

•      This company must be good, they are very busy.

Make smart use of universal neuro principles

In the examples I give above, you make clever use of a number of universal psychological principles:

    1.     Exclusivity: we want to have something unique, different from others

    2.     Scarcity: when something is hard to get, we want it.

    3.     Self-confidence: unconsciously we find people who are self-aware more attractive.

You may well read this and think: I don't want customers to see me as exclusive, scarce or confident. That is fine too. It does work. And you can also choose other associations. As long as you choose and define what you want to achieve with a social media message.

Apply neuro principles in your message

Okay, you've decided you don't want to address everyone. And you know what image you want to portray of yourself or your company. The last step is to write. That sounds like you're almost there, but of course it really starts here. I'll give you some tips to get you started.


Emphasize the exclusivity of your service or product

You do this by giving it words. Exclusive, luxury, premium, and so on. What also helps is processing the correct testimonials in your message and on your site. Make sure they are in line with what you want to radiate. If you're targeting high net worth individuals, make sure you have testimonials from similar clients.

 Make yourself scarce

And I don't mean by writing "that there are only two places left." People have long stopped falling for that. In fact, it sometimes arouses suspicion, as if you are not getting the product sold. However, you can make it more difficult for people to request a quote. This way you filter out the people who really want something. Just clicking on something is done in no time. But if you have to leave a phone number and want to be called back for a consultation… Well. Then you have to want to. And you have to dare.


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3.  Don't be too modest

People find self-confidence attractive, and that should be reflected in the text. So use words that show that you believe in what you are doing. Examples: "We are the market leader in @@@", "Our unique vision on @@@" or "my proven successful method @@@". It might make you feel very uncomfortable, but it is proven to be extremely effective!

What will you do differently in your social media posts from now on?

Keep it simple for yourself. Start with 1 tip. You will hopefully reduce the number of leads with it. Hopefully, because it increases the quality!

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Saskia Kerkhof

Entrepreneur and advisor

Saskia is an entrepreneur and director of the company Writing Winning Quotations. She wrote the book ‘Making Smarter Quotations ’ containing 30 practical neurotips with which you subconsciously convince the customer. As a consultant, trainer and external PhD candidate, she immerses herself in neurotechnology in order to communicate convincingly and really reach others. Saskia also regularly acts as a guest lecturer, speaker and columnist on these topics.

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