5 tips for entrepreneurs during the corona crisis

Door Jacco van Delden, November 3rd, 2020


In times like these, it may be difficult or unclear what kind of steps you can take best during this crisis. We would like to support our users by sharing these 5 tips that we use ourselves!

Tip 1: Stay in touch with your clients – tell them honestly what you can and what you can not do for them.

 Honesty is the best policy we think, especially in times like this. It is now more than ever important to maintain a clear and transparent communication with your customers. This way you maintain your relationships better and can keep in touch if possible. Social media offers the best channel for this, so it's time to update your Instagram or Facebook page. In times like this it might be interesting to give a glimpse behind the scenes of your organization so that your clients see the hard work that is taking place.

Tip 2: Be creative and find new ways of selling

Do you have to temporarily close your company? Don't panic, there are plenty of other channels to buy your products or services for your customers. Now you have the time and opportunity to set up that webshop, and this is easier than ever before. It is even possible to set up a webshop via some social media channels. If you do not offer products but services, it is recommended to come up with temporary solutions that can help you through this difficult period. Think of hairdressing shops that sell hair product sets online, or the coffee bar that only offers take-away coffee.

Another possibility is to set up an affiliate network or join an already existing network, so you can sell your products through different partners.

Tip 3: Focus on the future – emerge stronger from the battle!

Be critical of yourself, if you run into problems now, ask yourself whether those problems are because of the corona crisis or a more profound cause. Now is the time to critically evaluate your company, brand and identity and make it future-proof. A huge drop in sales can mean that your target group is directly affected by the crisis, evaluate and adjust the focus if necessary, so you can come out of this period stronger. Maybe this is the time to change your formula or product range!


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Tip 4: Content, content & content

To keep your customers and followers interested, it is extremely important to share the right content. It is the foundation of your marketing plan on which all your actions should be based. Social media offers the perfect channels to share your newly created content. Are you experiencing difficulties in properly distributing your content via social media? Use online tools, such as Bonc, that can help you share content across channels at the best time to post. Plan and create your content for the coming months, so that you can rest assured that this is ready for the months to come so that you can focus on bringing in new clients or serving existing differently or better.

Tip 5: together we are strong!

You are not alone, everywhere in the world we experience the same crisis in our own way. By communicating transparently with your customers and followers, you make it possible to help each other. Solidarity is one of the most important qualities that one must now focus on, keep in touch with competitors or neighbor businesses and help each other where necessary. Many things can be used to show solidarity, by producing mouth masks, among other things, see where and how you can help, because together we are strong.

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Jacco van Delden

Founder of Bonc

Jacco van Delden is the founder of Bonc. As an entrepreneur he knows how important social media is to be more successful. He also knows that due to all kinds of circumstances the time, knowledge or money is lacking to do it right. With Bonc he created a platform that saves entrepreneurs a lot of time and money and makes them more visible online.

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